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staysc 34 Female
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1. What is the best asset of a Singapore Woman?
2. What is the best asset of a Man?
3. We will be hosting social events. Which of the following events do you like best?
4. How important is finding love to your happiness?
5. When do you know you are in love?
6. What is the most romantic gift to a woman?
7. Does Age Difference Matter When Dating Someone?
8. Who Has The Most Romantic Aura?
9. Which Is Your Favourite Place For A First Kiss?
10. If You Were Given Only One More Day To Live On Earth, Which Local Celebrity Would You Most Likely Date?
11. Which Romantic Philosophy Do You Follow?
12. If you really like someone, when would you expect to kiss them by?
13. Which Is Your Favourite Night Club?
14. We are planning more events. Which of the following activities interest you the most?
15. How many dates have you had in the past 12 months?
16. Which One Of The Following Traits Ranks The Highest When It Comes To Losing Interest In Your Partner?
17. How much money would you spend on your girlfriend or boyfriend for Christmas?
18. Which of the following most closely resembles your New Year's resolution?
19. My perfect date's career would be...
20. What Is Your Favourite Clothing Style For A Potential Date?
21. What Do You Look For Most In A Date?
22. Which of The Following Is The Worst Trait of A Bad Date?
23. Which Is Your Dream Destination For A Romantic Getaway?
24. How many times have you fallen so deeply in love that you felt it would last forever?
25. What Is The Best Way To Keep Your Relationship Alive?
26. Which Is The Most Romantic Spot In Singapore?
27. Where Do You Get The Most Dates from?
28. Which is Your Biggest Hindrance In Finding The Right One?
29. What Is The Most Romantic Setting For A Proposal?
30. Which Is The Most Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Idea?
31. Which Contributes The Most Towards A Strong Interracial Relationship?
32. Which Aspect of A Person Is of Utmost Importance To You?
33. How Important Is A Picture For A Dating Profile?
34. When Is A Good Time To Propose?
35. Who is your favourite movie couple?
36. What is your favorite type of dancing?
37. What would be a romantic way to spend Christmas?
38. Which would be your top choice for a Valentine gift?
39. Which is the most romantic restaurant in Singapore?
40. Which type of casual intimacy is most vital for a healthy relationship?
41. Which is the best avenue to look for a partner?
42. Is flirting essential for a healthy relationship?
43. Which of the following events had the greatest impact on your personal relationships?
44. What Does The Christmas Season Signify to your personal relationships?
45. What Is Your New Year Resolution?
46. What Is The Biggest Advantage of co-habitation?
47. What Will Be Your Biggest Motivation To Marry?
48. If We Offered You SMS Dating, Will You Use It?
49. Which Latin Dance Style Is The Most Romantic?
50. Which Is Your Favorite Way To Communicate To Someone You Potentially Want To Date?
51. Would You Consider Going Out With Your Best Friends Ex?
52. What Is The Most Romantic Thing To Do This Christmas?
53. What Does Valentines Day Mean To You?
54. Which Weather Makes You Feel The Most Passionate?
55. Which Destination Would Be Most Ideal For A Romantic Summer Vacation?
56. Which Are Sensitive Subjects In A Relationship You Need To Be Wary About?

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